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Erza and Jellal Gallery Spoiler

Will Jellal make a comeback...?

Has nobody read 'till CH 197?! After reading that ch, there's no way that we'll ever see Jellal again! I'm refraining myself from saying anymore in case of spoilers, because it doesn't look like any of you have gotten to the latest ch.

I have read the chapter and im pretty sure most of us has. With the council constantly being mentioned and Gerald/Jellal being imprisoned also brought up and all. This thread is simply asking if Jellal/Gerald will back a comeback or not even tho as a Gerald/Jellal fan myself I want him to but I know full well he never will. Unless Mashima decides to bring him back for 1 reason or another.

Wow we both replyed to the guy. Even then what both of us said is right as I said its impossible for Gerald/Jellal to make a comeback but he never will and why is obvious hes been locked away by the council. And as u said there is others who do believe he will be set free for some reason or another.
There are several reasons for this. Firstly, if Mashima doesn't bring bring him back, then I would rather he died at the end of the Tower of Heaven arc. Why? Because that would cause a deeper meaning and scar for Erza. Now, he resurrected him, told him to "live and struggle" while he was at the bottom of his sh!tty life, gave him the hope to see a brighter future and then threw him back into prison for the rest of his life while he has practically died one time? Really? That would pretty ruin all the meanings in the OS arc.

Second is that with Jellal's power and knowledge he can always be helpful, maybe he knows something about the Council or stuff like that. Not to mention the fact that Jellal was always handicapped, he has never had the chance to show his true power (in the ToH arc he had to keep the Tower, in the OS he had amnesia/ wounded/ etc), doubt Mashima again would kill him off like that. He can die, true, but not off screened, rotted in prision or executed!!! 

Then it's fan service, bringing Jellal would please his fans so it doesn't hurt much, he pretty much has Mystogan's roles now since he can't return anymore. Does bringing Lisanna back have anything to do with the plot (The Dragons, Zeref,...)? No. But Mashima still brings her back for fan service (shippers)!!!

Finally, Mashima just does so because he is his favorite, in his interview he admits that Jellal is his favorite villain, so yeah doing this would please himself too.

Erza and Jellal Gallery





Erza and Jellal Love Story 2


Erza and Jellal II
by: SmurfLuvsCookies
Oh, delectable strawberry, poised upon this glittering sheen of rosy frosting, you bring me such joy, Erza thought poetically. She skewered the plump red surface of the strawberry with the silver spokes of her fork, then promptly popped the fruit in her mouth. Yum.
"Eating cake again?" Erza turned to see Jellal shooting her an adoring smile. He plopped down in the bar stool next to her and ordered a drink from Mirajane. As he waited, he quickly dipped his finger in the puffy border of white frosting that decorated the edge of the cake and tasted it. He wrinkled his nose. "Ugh, how do you eat that stuff? It's too sweet."
"No, it's perfect," Erza disagreed, defending her cake fervently.
Jellal laughed at her serious expression. "Whatever you say."
"ERZA! WE FOUND A JOB!" Natsu interjected, waving a slip of paper high up in the air. Lucy, Gray, and Happy stood behind him, ready to go. Erza heaved a mournful sigh and stared longingly at the remains of her cake. Oh, well, I guess I'll have to save this for another time, she thought, slowly setting the plate on the bar and hopping off the stool. She turned to Jellal and almost sighed again. Natsu had evidently picked the job, so who knew how long they'd be gone this time? Surprisingly enough, Erza found that she didn't like taking long-term jobs since Jellal started pursuing her romantically.
Jellal smirked and bestowed a kiss upon her lips. Erza had long since discovered that she liked intimacy with Jellal. She was shy about it at first, especially in public, but she got over that eventually.
"Be good while I'm gone," she ordered with a smile.
Jellal considered this. "Maybe."
"Are you guys done swapping spit yet? Let's go, we gotta mission to do!" Natsu called impatiently, while Lucy castigated him for ruining Erza and Jellal's romantic moment. Erza made a face and turned to glare at the Salamander. "Okay, okay, I'm coming!" she snapped. She stood on tiptoe to give Jellal one last kiss before departing with her team.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" A sopping Lucy pointed accusingly at her stellar spirit, Aquaris. "It's her fault, Erza, not mine!" Erza turned her sinister glare onto the nonchalant spirit, who raised an eyebrow and huffed.
"Don't look at me like that," Aquaris sneered, crossing her arms defiantly. "I say that Lucy is my key holder, so she should take responsibility if she doesn't use me the right way." The stellar spirit turned to Lucy and gave her an arrogant smirk. "Don't bother me for a couple days. I'm going on a trip with my boyfriend. Which you should think about doing every once in a while, or yours will disappear, Lucy."
"I am on a trip with my boyfriend!" Lucy defended. Natsu wasn't present at the moment, as they had left Lucy and Erza to deal with the dark guild while they found the master and convinced him to stop attacking the townspeople. During this time, Lucy had summoned Aquaris to handle the large mob of dark guild members (a mercenary guild, of course) and, in doing so, left Erza and herself dripping.
Aquaris laughed. "Now I really feel bad for him!"
"Actually, Natsu probably prefers a mission to a vacation," Erza said blatantly, her eyes glazing over at the ridiculous reality of her statement. Aquaris dragged a curious eye over Erza, soggy and clanking in her armor. "You must have a boyfriend already, huh?" she said. Erza would have taken the question as a compliment, if it weren't for the snobby implications that came with the tone.
"What do you mean?" she growled, absently resting a hand on her sword.
"You're letting yourself go because you've already sealed the deal, right? Let me guess, you have a weakness for chocolate or something," Aquaris asked with a chuckle.
Erza felt the blood rush to her face in a flash of rage. She made to strike the bothersome stellar spirit with her sword, but she had already dissipated back to wherever she came from. Erza could still feel the outrage in her veins. How dare Aquaris call her fat! She most certainly was not fat, even if she did like her sweets every now and then.
With Aquaris gone and no one else to direct her anger at, Erza wheeled around and spared Lucy a vehement glare. The shocked stellar spirit trembled in her boots, never really having been the unfortunate target of the Titania's dramatic temper. Luckily, the guys decided to make an appearance in that moment, with the defeated guildmaster of the tiny dark guild in tow.
"Hey, you guys did it!" Natsu exclaimed, dumping the beat-up guildmaster on the ground. He froze when he saw Erza's enraged expression, and immediately started to break out in a cold sweat. "Erza, wh-what did Lucy do this time...?"
"Huh?" Lucy cried, giving Natsu a sharp look.
Erza turned and scowled at the three trembling boys. "Do I look fat to you?"
"No, of course not!" Gray quaked.
"Who would say such a thing?" Natsu said.
"It was you, wasn't it, Lucy?" Happy accused. Every pair of eyes gave the celestial mage a incredulous look. She stamped her foot at the unjustified finger-pointing and redoubled her glare potency. "I didn't say anything regarding Erza's weight! It was that stupid Aquaris!"
"A celestial mage is responsible for her spirits, you know," Gray pointed out, saying anything to avoid the Titania's wrath.
Lucy glared at him. "Oh, just shut up."
"I don't want to talk about this any further," Erza declared, holding up a hand to silence them. "I was foolish to bring it up in the first place. My apologies. It's irrelevant at this point, am I right? Come on, let's just go home."
There were no objections to her proposal.
"Lucy, you're such a liar!" Erza decreed, giving the celestial spirit a demeaning glare. Lucy blinked at Erza's sudden accusation, frowning slightly. "What?" she said.
"You told me that if I went on a diet, I would lose weight," Erza continued, resting her hands on her hips. "I've been limiting my cake consumption and eating nothing but healthy foods for an entire two weeks, and on top of that I've been exercising daily. I've only gained weight!"
"Why does it matter?" Lucy sighed. "You're not fat, Erza, and you don't need to lose weight."
"It's not about that," Erza said. "I just want to know why I keep gaining weight!"
Lucy considered it. "I don't know...have you been to the doctor lately?"
"No. Why would I need to go to the doctor? Do you think I have some kind of disease?"
Lucy raised her eyebrows. "Um...no. I just figured that since you and Jellal are going out you probably, you know, do stuff...and when you do stuff, other stuff happens..."
"Like what?" Erza inquired, cocking her head.
Lucy became uncomfortable. "Like...um...well, like children."
Erza turned a vivid shade of red to match her hair. "You think I'm pregnant!"
"I-I don't know! You could be, I guess, but I wouldn't know! I'm just saying that if you think you could be pregnant, and you keep gaining weight, and if you missed your - Erza! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you!" Lucy dropped her head in her hands as the Titania stormed out of the guild.
"What's up with her?" Cana drawled, flopping down in the seat next to Lucy.
Lucy sighed. "It's a long story."
Jellal stared at Erza's drooped head, jaw dropped. To say he was shocked would be an understatement. He was completely unprepared for the news she'd just delivered, and she'd done nothing to warn him. She'd just burst into his room and sprang it on him in a gush of words.
He cleared his throat, trying to come up with a coherent thought. "So...you're telling me...that you're...that we're..."
"Pregnant," Erza finished, nodding. "We're going to have a baby."
"Are you sure?" Jellal blurted, because the possibility of such a thing happening to him seemed unreal. He half expected Erza to laugh and admit it was all just a practical joke, though she wasn't one for pranks.
Erza gave him a look. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure, Jellal."
Jellal's face split into a huge grin before he could stop it. "Erza! That's fantastic!"
"What?" Erza said, blinking. This was obviously not the reaction she was expecting. What she had been expecting, Jellal couldn't guess, but he could see that his overjoyed attitude pleased her considerably.
"Yeah! This is great news! I can't exactly say I've been wanting a kid, but I'm not complaining," he said taking her hands and smiling at her. Erza still looked worried, her brows puckering slightly with a frown. This dimmed his happiness a bit. "What's wrong, Erza? Do you not want...?"
"No! I just don't know if...I mean, we haven't really been dating that long and..." Erza let out a breath, messaging her temples. "I never had a mother or a father, and neither have you. I don't know if we can do it. I don't know if I can do it. A child is such a big responsibility."
"We're not going to be the only ones raising it, Erza," Jellal laughed, squeezing her hands. "This baby is going to be part of the Fairy Tail family. They'll fill in where we can't, they'll help us. Have you told them yet?"
Erza squirmed slightly. "Um...no..."
Jellal smiled and pulled her off the bed, tugging her towards the door. "Come on then, let's do it." He guided her out into the dining hall, where the evening crowd was assembled at their various tables. The guild seemed even fuller than usual, and it didn't help Erza's nerves. She spotted her closest friends, Team Natsu, in one corner. She focused on them. Then, she stepped onto the bar and called for everbody's attention. They stared at her expectantly, the faces ranging from interest to confusion.
"I'd just like you all to know that I'm...that Jellal and I...we're going to have a baby." She winced in anticipation for the roar of a crowd, but the guild was as silent as could be. She looked up to see every astonished eye on her, processing the news she'd just delivered. The silence stretched uncomfortably, and Erza shuffled under the intense gaze of her friends. "Okay...this is awkward..." she mumbled.
Natsu was the first to speak. "No way! Is it a boy or a girl?" he cried, leaping up onto the counter and pressing his ear against Erza's armored belly, as if expecting it to balloon up right before his very eyes. Erza knocked him off the counter violently. "I don't know yet, you fool!"
Lucy got all starry eyed as her boyfriend twitched on the ground at her feet. "Aw, I love babies!"
Happy gaped and pointed at her. "Lucy eats babies!"
"Stop twisting my words, you stupid cat!"
"Don't go near her, Charle, she eats babies!" Happy warned, shielding the white Exceed from the blonde celestial mage. Charle knocked him on the ground next to his Dragonslayer, a vein popping up on her forehead. "I'm not pregnant, you idiot."
Juvia gasped and wheeled around to look at Gray, but he clapped a hand over her mouth before she could say anything. "We aren't going to try and have a baby," he said. Juvia's shoulders slumped, but she kept her idea to herself.
Erza sighed and stepped down from the bar as the guild resumed normal conversation. Most of it was about her child. She wasn't entirely sure if this was a good or a bad thing, but she supposed it didn't matter either way. Mirajane slapped two drinks down on the counter for her and Jellal, smiling. "Congratulations, Erza," she said. "Do you have any idea what you're going to name it?"
Erza thought for a moment. "I don't know...I've always liked the name Meow for a girl."
Mira's eyes widened with horror. "M-meow? You mean like the sound a cat makes?"
"And I thought that if it was a boy, we could name it after the master."
"Makarov...or Meow," Mirajane squeaked. She turned her hopes to Jellal. "What about you? Do you have any name ideas?"
Jellal considered this. "I've always liked the name Fanny for a girl, and Ferninand for a boy."
"Fanny? Ferninand?" Mirajane groaned. She didn't think it was possible to come up with names worse than Erza's, but she was evidently mistaken. She looked around desperately for someone who might change their minds, and saw Levy not too far away. Levy was good with words, maybe she could help. "Levy! Levy, come over here for a second!"
Levy padded over to the bar with Gajeel in tow. "Hi, Erza. Hey, Jellal. Congrats on the baby."
"Thank you, Levy," Erza said.
"Do you have any names to give for the baby?" Mirajane inquired, praying that the answer was yes and that the names would be decent. "The names they've come up with are Meow, Fanny, Makarov, and Ferninand."
"O-oh..." Levy said. "W-wow those are...well, those are certainly...interesting..."
"Those names suck," Gajeel said bluntly, grimacing. "Poor kid."
"Fine, then what do you suggest?" Erza challenged, offended.
Levy considered. "Well, how about - " she began, but her stool was knocked over by Natsu. She laid on the floor, processing what had happened as Natsu continued his destructive path to Erza. "Ow," she said.
"Erza, I have the perfect name for your baby!" Natsu pitched. "How about you name it: Erzal!"
"Erzal?" Erza said, raising her eyebrows.
"Yeah, like 'Erza' and 'Jellal' put together! Erzal!"
Erza sighed. "Definitely not."
"You should name it Lucy if it's a girl," Lucy suggested, trying to look as adorable as possible.
"What? Lucy is an awesome name!"
"No reallly," Natsu said. "It's kind of unoriginal, actually."
"Who asked you?"
Elfman shoved them aside. "You should name him Manly!" he roared.
"I should slap you for suggesting such a preposterous name for my child," Erza declined.
Romeo jumped up and down. "Oh, you should name her Juliet!"
"No, because what if you fall in love with her? Remember, man, Erza's the mom," Macao chuckled, nudging his son. This earned him a violent scolding from Erza. Cana rose from her drunken stupor just long enough to suggest the name "Booze," but she didn't even stay awake long enough to hear it's immediate rejection.
The hall erupted into arguments over Erza and Jellal's future baby's name. The mother in question heaved a sigh and flopped down next to Jellal, wishing for some cake. Jellal chuckled and patted her hand. "Don't worry, we have plenty of time to come up with a name. There's no doubt that this is a Fairy Tail baby, huh?"
"No, no doubt at all," Erza said.
As Erza's belly grew bigger, the names became more ridiculous. The guildmembers came up with everything from Artichoke to Zooba; however, none of them could seem to come up with a name that was even relatively decent. As nine months rushed by, Erza became concerned that she wouldn't come up with a name in time. She was due any day now.
Erza absolutely hated being pregnant. She couldn't take missions since her bloated belly got in the way and it endangered the baby, so Jellal was forced to support her until she gave birth and recovered. He could only take requests in Magnolia though, and those were few and far between. On top of that, it seemed like she cried over every little thing. She had to pee all the time. And she felt like an inflated balloon, fat and puffy. She couldn't wear her armor, either. It really was just an uncomfortable situation.
She felt the baby kick a lot, often when she was speaking. Jellal said that the baby liked the sound of her voice. That pleased Erza considerably, and she felt herself glow with pride whenever the baby moved. It was hard to place the feeling that arose when she realized that something - that someone - was growing inside of her, but it was definitely a feeling really close to joy.
One day, as Erza sat eating cake next to Jellal, Mirajane suddenly snapped her fingers and pointed at Erza. "I know what you should name your baby!" she declared. Erza blinked, suprised by Mira's sudden outburst. If she was this excited about it, maybe it would actually be worth considering. "What?" she asked.
"If it's a girl, you should name her Violet," she said, nodding. "You have red hair and Jellal has blue hair, and together that makes purple."
"Violet...that is kind of pretty," Erza said. "But what if it's a boy?"
Mirajane shrugged. "I don't know."
"If it's a boy, you should name him Apollo," Levy offered, sliding into the stool next to Erza. "I've been trying to suggest it for a while, but I kept getting interrupted."
"Apollo? Why?"
"Any child of yours is bound to shine like the sun, right?" Levy giggled. She sighed and rested her chin on her fist. "If I had a boy, that's what I would name him."
Gajeel wrinkled his nose. "Really?"
"Yes, really," Levy confirmed.
"Violet or Apollo," Erza muttered. "I like it. What do you think, Jellal?"
"Me too," Jellal agreed.
Erza beamed. "Great! Now we have names! I wonder if it will be a boy or a girl...?"
"You'll find out pretty soon," Charle said prophetically, hopping off the counter to go get some towels.
"What are you - ?" Erza stopped, gasping and clutching her swollen belly. Jellal frowned, concerned. Erza straightened up, her face pale. "The baby, I think it's coming," she warned. Jellal, Mira, Levy, and Gajeel all froze, too shocked to move. Natsu tore through the crowd, Charle at his heels. He scooped Erza up in his arms and scoffed at the lot of them. "What are you doing? Erza's giving birth here!" With that, he sprinted from the guild and towards the hospital.
After several hours of screaming, cursing, and fainting, Jellal finally got himself together and held his little baby girl in his arms. She had a shock of violet hair at the top of her head (a result of some colorwheel genetics, no doubt) and a birthmark on her forehead in the shape of a crescent moon. Because of this, they decided to name her Luna Violet Scarlet-Fernandes. Quite the colorful mouthful, but a nice name just the same. One suited for a Fairy Tail baby.
And Luna was most certainly a Fairy Tail baby. As soon as the horrificly beautiful experience of birth was over, the entirety of the guild burst into the room and demanded to see Erza and the baby. In only five minutes of life, Luna had been passed around by at least one hundred people. Erza was hysterical; it was the mages of Fairy Tail, after all. She loved them, and she trusted them with her life, but she doubted that they knew how to handle a newborn child. She barely knew how herself.
When Luna was returned safely into her arms, she ordered everybody out. She was tired and wanted nothing more than to rest. The only people who were allowed to stay were Jellal, Lucy, Natsu, Happy, Gray, and Mirajane.
"Mira, Natsu," Erza began. "Should anything happen to us, we want you to be the godparents."
"WHAT?" Natsu, Mirajane, and Lucy said at the same time. Erza glared at Lucy in an attempt to shut her up, but it proved a failure. "Why Mira? Don't you want me as the godmother?" she cried.
"No," Erza said blatantly.
Lucy plummeted into depression as Mirajane awkwardly consoled her.
Erza held Luna up to Natsu. "You want to hold her?"
"N-no, I think I'm - " Natsu began, but Erza thrust Luna into his arms before he could finish declining. Natsu nervously tried to balance the fragile baby in his arms, hoping that he didn't break her or something. When she was finally settled, he prodded at her chubby cheek. She was a cute baby. The cutest he'd ever seen, really. Her tiny hand wrapped around his finger in order to get him to stop poking her face. Her hand was so tiny that she couldn't even wrap it all the way around.
"I wanna hold her!" Gray said, trying to grab Luna.
Natsu whisked her out of his grasp. "You can't just grab a baby from someone's arms! You don't deserve to hold her!"
"Lemme see her!"
Erza sighed. "I don't think Luna is going to have any shortage of attention."
"No," Jellal laughed. "No, she's already got Natsu wrapped around her finger."
"She'll have everybody like that before long," Erza decided, watching Gray and Natsu fight over her newborn. With a sigh, she struggled to stand and knocked them both over the head. "I just gave birth and you two can't stop bickering! Give me my baby, I'm going home!"
"Wait, shouldn't you stay the night?" Mirajane fretted.
Erza scoffed. "Absolutely not. I hate hospital food."
"But Erza - "
"No, I'm not staying. Come on, Jellal."
"It's not healthy for you to - "
"I don't care. Hurry up, Jellal, or the doctor will see us!"
Mirajane surrendered and helped smuggle Erza out of the hospital, while Natsu, Happy, and Gray pretended to be ninjas. This mainly consisted of wrapping various clothing items around their heads and reciting the phrase, "Nin-nin." Lucy sighed and walked along side them, until Natsu accused her of giving away their position and threw her over his shoulder. "Natsuuu!" she cried as they raced from the hospital.
A nurse did a double take as they left. "Hey, where are you going?"
"RUN! OUR COVER'S BEEN BLOWN!" Natsu cried, blocking the nurse's view. The rest of them sprinted from the hospital, leaving chaos in their wake. Erza laughed when she looked down at the baby in her arms.
Her first Fairy Tail adventure, and Luna was still sound asleep.

Erza and Jellal - End


Erza and Jellal Love Story 1

Erza and Jellal
by: SmurfLuvsCookies
Erza paced as she waited for the master, anxious and intrigued as to what he would need to talk to her about in private. What is an important S-Class mission? A secret operation? Erza didn't know. Master Makarov had abruptly asked her to meet him in the upstairs area when no one was around. It was suspicious indeed.
"Hello, Erza." The mage in question jumped and turned to see Makarov. She hadn't even sensed his presence. The master could be quite sneaky when he wanted to be. It unsettled Erza, to an extent.
She wasted no time. "Hello, Master. What have you called me here for?"
"I have some...news to deliver," Makarov sighed and sat on a table, patting the space next to him. "Come sit down, my child, and I'll tell you. I'm not sure how you're going to handle this." Erza cautiously did as she was told, patiently waiting for the master's announcement. She didn't like his current sobriety. He stared at her stoically, assessing her slightest reaction. Then he cleared his throat and began.
"The Council has decided that Jellal Fernandes is innocent due to his amnesia and impressive behavior. They were suspicious at first, considering he had everybody convinced he was one of the good before the Tower of Paradise incident, so they had a mage search his memories. They were completely clean." Makarov paused, letting this sink in. "Do you understand what I'm saying, Erza?"
Erza blinked, trying to keep her face blank. "You're saying that Jellal is going to be released."
"Yes. Tomorrow." Makarov sighed. "But that's only part of the news."
"What's the other part?" Erza inquired.
"As part of his probation, Jellal has to join a guild. He's requested Fairy Tail," Makarov said. He held up his hand as Erza tried to speak. "I want to ask you this right now, Erza. Give me a complete and honest answer. Do you want Jellal to join this guild?"
Erza smiled, but it was empty. "Yes, I don't mind if he joins Fairy Tail. Jellal isn't evil anymore. He isn't tainted by Zeref. I honestly believe he's the Jellal I once knew."
"Okay," Makarov said, nodding. "I wanted to make sure that you were okay with it."
"I am."
As he got up to leave, Makarov looked back at his strongest female mage. "Erza, if he hurts you while he's here, in any way, make sure you let me know. I won't hesitate to - "
"Master, you really are like a father to me," Erza laughed. "Thank you for your concern, but I'll be fine. Tell the Council that Fairy Tail would be delighted to have Jellal as a member."
Makarov left. Erza let out a shaky breath and looked down at her hands, trying to keep her breathing under control under the pressure of her constricting lungs. Just when she'd started to forget, when she'd started to heal, he's come back to ensnare her in his web again. But this time it might be for the better.
That's what you thought last time.
Erza sighed and dropped her head in her hands. Jellal had caused her so much agony; some of it was on purpose, some of it was unintentional. But Jellal hurt just the same. Erza understood why a rose was the symbol for love. It was breathtakingly beautiful, but painful if you gripped it too hard. Delicate petals soaked in the blood of lovers' broken hearts. Erza sometimes felt that her heart was broken beyond repair, but she found that her guild, her family, was unconsciously bandaging it little by little, piece by piece. Fairy Tail would never hurt her like Jellal had.
And now Jellal was part of Fairy Tail.
The thought triggered unusual feelings in her, a bittersweet mingling of the lightest joy and the deepest sorrow. Erza realized with more than a little surprise that she was also afraid. She was afraid of seeing Jellal. She was afraid that he was going to hurt her again. She shook her head as if to clear it. Erza Scarlet, the Titania of Fairy Tail, did not get scared. Fear was an illusion, one that she would overcome.
When Jellal came tomorrow, she would be ready.
Jellal didn't feel like a free man. He still wore handcuffs, and he still had two men walking on either side of him. It was earning him a lot of stares from the citizens of Magnolia, but he didn't care. When he saw the enormous Fairy Tail guild towering above the rest of the town like a guardian, hope swelled within him. That woman, that Erza Scarlet would be inside the guild. Jellal felt his whole body buzz with excitement at this thought. He was going to be able to see her, the Erza Scarlet that now seemed to drive his very existence.
A little old man and a beautiful white-haired woman were waiting for him at the gate. His guards removed his handcuffs and stepped back, nodding at the old man. "He's all yours, Makarov."
"Very good, gentlemen. Thank you very much," the man said, flashing them a grin. As they turned to leave, this Makarov character became sober and gave Jellal a good assessment. Jellal blinked under the pressure of the man's gaze, but he kept his face expressionless. Finally, the old man spoke. "I am Master Makarov, the guildmaster of Fairy Tail. This is Mirajane. We are here to welcome you to our guild."
The one called Mirajane smiled at him sweetly.
Makarov looked at him sternly. "There are a few rules you need to follow in order to join Fairy Tail. The most important thing is that we are a family. Every single person in that guild is your family, whether you like it or not. You will treat them as such. If you hurt another member, you will be immediately expelled, is that clear?" The master said this with such intensity that Mirajane frowned down on him with worry. Jellal gulped, and nodded in ascent.
"Secondly," Makarov continued, "In correspondance with your probation, we have supplied you with an room inside the guild. You won't have to pay rent, but you will still have to pay for all your meals like the rest of the guild." Jellal nodded again, knowing that this was one condition of his freedom. He was completely confined to Fairy Tail for a year; he couldn't even take missions outside of Magnolia. It was a relief that he wouldn't have to pay rent.
Makarov gave one of his trademark grins. "Then welcome to Fairy Tail, my child."
Erza's hands were shaking.
Lucy frowned at her companion, tugging on Natsu's shirt to get his attention. She nodded towards the Titania, who seemed lost in her own thoughts. Natsu's pink brows came together, but he didn't say anything to Erza. Instead, he turned to Lucy. "Just leave her alone, alright? She's probably nervous about Jellal."
"Jellal?" Lucy said, her eyebrows shooting up.
Natsu gave her a look. "Didn't anybody tell you? He got out of jail on good behavior, and now as part of his probation he's joining Fairy Tail."
"What? Why didn't I hear anything about this?" Lucy shrieked, looking about as if the ex-criminal might be lurking around the shadowed corners of the guild.
Natsu shrugged. "Everybody knew. I thought that you did too."
"Aye, Lucy, you're really out of the loop," Happy remarked.
"Shut up, you stupid cat!"
Gray sighed and leaned his chin on his fist. "I'm kind of worried about Erza."
"When did you get here...?" Lucy said, recoiling from the ice mage's sudden appearance.
Gray pretended not to hear her and continued. "I mean, I wonder how she's taking his whole thing. I'm not particularly excited about it, but I guess I'll be nice to the guy since he's Erza's...uh...well, you know."
Erza sighed and dropped her silverwear, turning to give them a glare. "I can hear you, you know."
The four of them trembled in fear at the Titania's irritated scowl, but their terror was interrupted by a few figures entering the guild. One was Master Makarov and one was Mirajane. The other was a tall man with blue hair and a tattoo running down the side of his face. It was Jellal Fernandes.
Lucy, Natsu, Gray, and Happy all simultaneously turned to glance at Erza, but she was nowhere to be seen. They gaped at spot she'd just occupied two seconds before. "Where the hell did she go?"
Unknown to the rest of Team Natsu, Erza was huddled in the corner of a random room in the back of the guild, her breath coming out in shallow gasps. What was that? What was that, Erza? What happened to those hours of mental preparation? It did no good. The moment she layed eyes on Jellal, she bolted out of the dining hall. Why, why had she done that? Her firm resolve had crumbled to dust in an instant!
Tears stung in her eyes. She curled into a ball like she used to when she was a girl, hiding from the rest of the world in her solitary corner. She was afraid, so afraid, more afraid than she'd ever been in her entire life. No, that wasn't true. She remembered being this afraid once, when she found Jellal chained up in the displinary room and possessed by Zeref's evil. Only Jellal could make her this afraid.
She knocked her head against her knees and clenched her fist. I, Erza Scarlet, refuse to be afraid of anything! Nothing will stop me, nothing will send me into hiding! Stand up, Erza! Show them that you are not afraid! You're not a little girl anymore, so just stand up already!
But Erza Scarlet did not stand up.
"There you go! You are now officially a member of Fairy Tail!" Mirajane said happily, stepping back and allowing Jellal to replace his shirt. She caught one last glimpse of the black Fairy Tail insigna on his left shoulderblade before the fabric hid it from view. He turned and gave her a sincere smile, which caught Mira relatively off guard. After all the bad things she'd heard about Jellal, she'd expected him to be nearly as difficult as Gajeel once was. But if Erza loved him, than he couldn't have been very bad at all, right?
"Thank you," he said, straightening out his attire self-consciously.
"It's not trouble at all," Mira said, nodding and wheeling around to attend to her duties as a barmaid. Jellal blurted her name and stood there awkwardly when she turned back around. He glanced up at her almost shyly, his fists opening and closing at his sides. "Do you know where...um, where Erza is?"
"Why, I have absolutely no idea," Mirajane answered, gazing about the guild for the Titania's presence. She noticed Natsu's feiry pink hair and urged him over to the bar. "Natsu, do you know where Erza is?"
"No, I haven't seen her since Jellal came. She bailed as soon as she saw him." Natsu cocked his head to the side as Mirajane made subtle gestures for him to shut up, since the Salamander obviously hadn't noticed that Jellal was within earshot. "Something wrong, Mira? Gotta twitch in your neck?"
Mira sighed and slapped her forehead, blatantly pointing at the newfound guildmember. Jellal was too lost in his own swirling vortex of utter disbelief to pay any attention to them. She bailed as soon as she saw him, she bailed as soon as she saw him, she bailed as soon as she saw him...Jellal gazed at his hands in befuddlement. He'd come all this way to see his Erza Scarlet, and she ran away when he walked through the door! Why?
"I mean, it wasn't like she was fleeing or anything like that! She probably just had to go to the bathroom really bad!" Natsu said frantically, trying to console Jellal. Mirajane dragged her hand across her face, because Natsu really wasn't helping any.
Jellal suddenly looked up at Natsu, his raw emotions plain on his face. Natsu froze and stared back at the other mage for a long moment. Then his face became set in determination and he clapped a hand on Jellal's shoulder. "Don't worry, I'll help you look for her."
After a while, the whole guild was searching for their missing Titania. Anyone who had flying abilities even flew around Magnolia, but there was no sign of Erza. Surprisingly enough, it was Elfman who finally discovered her form curled up behind some boxes in the back room. He paused for a moment to take her in, the girl who was once his sister's rival. That wasn't this woman in front of him. The fierce, sometimes frightening, cake-loving, fearless, invincible Erza was not here in front of him; this was a broken piece of her, a physical being left behind while the rest sailed off on a voyage across a sea of thought.
Elfman shook his head to clear it. He could feel his old poetic self from the old days coming to the surface, but real men didn't read poetry...in public. He glared at the back of Erza's still form and hardened his resolve. Then, trying not to quake in terror, he nudged her with his foot.
She didn't even turn around. "Go away."
Elfman gulped at her frightening tone. "N-no."
"I said go away," she hissed, rolling over to shoot him a piercing glare. Elfman felt his blood run cold (besides Evergreen, Erza was probably to only woman who could do that to him with just a single look), but he stood his ground and returned the glare at full potency. "I said no. Everybody is looking for you, and you still haven't met the new member."
"I have," Erza sighed, sitting up and tucking her knees in. She looked up at Elfman like a lost child seeking help. It was pitiful to see the Titania fallen like this, but Elfman was her nakama and she knew she could trust him not to kick her while she was down. "Please don't make me go out there, Elfman. I'm so scared, I don't want to see him. I thought I could prepare myself, but...I'm just so scared." Erza placed her head in her hands and stifled a sob.
Elfman could feel rage building up inside him like a tropical storm. "Are you kidding me?" he practically screamed, causing Erza to look up in alarm. "You are Erza, the Titania of Fairy Tail! Fairy Tail mages don't hide from fear in corners, and neither to real men! No, real men and Fairy Tail mages fight their fears until they can beat them down and never be afraid again! That's what real men and Fairy Tail mages do!"
Erza gaped up at Elfman. "Fight my fears...?"
"Yeah!" Elfman roared, galvanized into manliness (or his opinion of it) by his speech. "Real men fight with their fists!"
Erza was too busy basking in her epiphany to notice him.
Natsu shifted awkwardly beside Jellal, who was staring down at his hands with the look of someone helplessly and desperately lost. After searching nearly every inch of the guild, they still hadn't found Erza. Jellal was beginning to lose hope that he would ever talk to her again. Had he really cut her that deep? To the point where she couldn't even look at him without taking flight?
"Don't worry, man. She'll come around eventua - " Natsu began, but he was interupted by a loud crash from the back of the guild. Everyone turned to lay eyes on Erza; furocious and ready for battle. Elfman quivered by her side, utterly confused by her sudden change in behavior. One minute she was breaking, and the next she was swarmed with a menacing aura and shoving him aside to get to the door.
She raised one gauntlet-adorned hand and pointed directly at Jellal, glaring intensely. "Jellal Fernandes," she boomed with authority, "I, Erza Scarlet, hereby formally challenge you to a duel!"
Jellal blinked in perplexity, pointing at his self. "Me?"
"Yes, you!"
"Why?" Jellal inquired, cocking his head to the side imploringly. Was this the way all Fairy Tail members handled their issues? By fighting it out with their fists? It seemed rather...barbaric, if you asked him. Primal.
"Don't ask why!" Natsu interjected, yanking him off the bench and pushing him towards the ominous Erza. "She's asking you to do something for her! Just do it!"
Jellal nodded and cleared his throat as he looked at the passionate Titania. "I accept."
Erza smiled, and drew her sword.
"WAIT!" Master Makarov cried, silencing everyone with his thunderous tone. "Take this outside. We can't afford another new guild right now."
Muttering and mumbling, the entirety of Fairy Tail shuffled out of the guild and onto a convenient grassy field located right outside Magnolia. They surrounded Erza and Jellal in a circle, already attempting to make hasty bets on the winner. Jellal stared at this determined Erza in awe, marveling at her confidence and her shining armor and her long scarlet hair that blew in the wind. She was magnificent.
Likewise, Erza was trying to control her haggard breathing. Elfman was right; she needed to prove to herself that she could defend herself against Jellal, physically and emotionally. There was no better way to do that than a fight. When two people fought, it was like a desperate dance for survival. You got a glance into the person's soul. Still, the sight of Jellal's composed figure in the sunlight was enough to send both chilling fear and burning desire through her.
Mirajane stepped between the two fighters, glancing between them curiously. This ought to be interesting...without further adieu, she raised her hand in a referee type manner and announced, "Fight!"
There was nothing primal about fighting Erza. She was stunning when she used her powers, and each blow was powerful and destructive. Jellal often found himself transfixed by her gracefulness and knocked to the ground soon after. A few minutes in, it was easy to see who was going to win this fight. That didn't mean Jellal went easy on her, though. He fought his hardest, but Erza seemed to have something to fight for.
Finally, Jellal was thrown to the ground and he couldn't get back up. He raised one hand in the air, signalling Erza to stop. "I give up," he wheezed, sitting up on his elbows and shooting her a grin. "I'm completely drained of magic power, Erza. You win."
There were cheers all about, but Erza only had eyes for the one she had beaten. She was almost drained too, but that didn't stop her from grinning back at him. Jellal was defeated, and he was hers again. She had nothing to worry about anymore. She probably didn't have anything to worry about before. And, although the thought of seeing him every day still made her stomach flip, she felt that she could officially accept him as one of Fairy Tail now.
She exquipped back into her usual armor and walked over to him, holding out a hand to help him up. The feel of Jellal's hand sent a thrill through her entire body, but she ignored it. Just because Jellal was good again didn't mean that she wanted to go back to the way things were before the evil twisted him; that is, warped and complicated. Jellal didn't have any memories, so they could start anew. This battle was a representation of that. A new beginning, a new story entirely.
Erza looked earnestly into his dark eyes and asked, "Would you like to go get some cake?"
"Certainly, my treat," Jellal laughed. Cake...he never would have guessed that Erza had a soft spot for cake of all things. He wanted to learn everything about her, and he wanted her to teach him about himself. He was starting from the foundation, but he was going to build a strong relationship with this woman. He could feel it in his veins as he walked back to the guild with her, leaving the others behind. He stared at her peaceful face as she closed her eyes and breathed in the cool evening air. He wanted Erza Scarlet to always shine brighter than her armor, to soar to the greatest heights like a shooting star and never worry about plummeting back down to earth. He wanted to love her, and he wanted her to love him. He didn't know how long that would take, or if it would ever really happen. But he had plenty of time to figure all that out.
Right now, he was just focused on treating Erza to her cake.